BB Cream: LOOK’s Favourite For Dewy Coverage

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Say hello to radiant skin

BB cream is the perfect option if heavy, cakey foundations are not your thing. After all, we don’t all want to mask our skin, we want to enhance it and make it the best version it can possibly be. And that’s exactly where BB creams step in…

Originating from Asia, they’ve fast become a beauty bag staple, but what is a BB cream and who is it for?

As we’re sure you already know, they go by the names of blemish balm and beauty balm, but they’re not there to cover your spots. In fact, they’re the ideal product for girls who like the natural look and want a lighter, dewy finish.

Created by dermatologists for patients who’d undergone laser surgery; think of them as a marriage between a foundation and a moisturiser with added SPF and a tonne of skincare benefits.

In short, they’re an all-in-one wonder balm that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, looking radiant, and give you just enough coverage to even out your skin tone and blur imperfections.

To confuse matters further (because the beauty industry quite likes to do that), there are also CC creams; and DD creams (yes, seriously) are steadily emerging onto the scene. One of our personal favourites which doesn’t quite fall into any dual lettered category, goes by the name of Complexion Rescue and is a tinted hydrating gel cream (quite the mouthful, we know).

But, CC’s DD’s and all others aside, we’ve hunted down the best beauty balms you can buy online now. So go on, treat yourself to one of these skin savours and expect a flawless complexion. You’ll never look back…